Endurance Dealer Services

At Endurance Dealer Services, our mission is to provide you with quality extended service contract products for your clients. We are the premier provider of auto-related products and services in the nation, and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. We cut out the middleman to save our clients money.

It's easy to find a product perfect for your customers. Our trained staff is knowledgeable and friendly allowing you to extend your service offerings with confidence. With an extended auto service contract from EDS, claims are paid up front for ALL covered repairs and we cover most vehicles up to 15 model years old and up to 150,000 miles. Your customers won't have to wait for reimbursement or have high out of pocket expenses.

All of Endurance's products are insured by an A. M. Best “A” rated insurance company, giving you and your customer the peace of mind you deserve.

Perhaps most importantly: we believe in a straightforward way of doing business. When you decide to partner with Endurance Dealer Services, you will get the level of quality and service you yourself would expect from your organization.